Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deli St. Louis

Fresh back from a short weekend in St. Louis, and I just gotta ask those of you living there full-time:

Where the hell are the delis in this town?!

Saturday AND Sunday, I'm hankering for a good cold cut sandwich. I find Mom's Deli on Saturday, still open after all these years, and all's well. This afternoon I'm up around Benton Park, so I swing by Blues City Deli - CLOSED!! Aug! What's a guy supposed to do? I cast my mind all over Soulard and downtown, trying to remember any other place that'd serve me a decent turkey sandwich on a Sunday.

I finally wound up at City Grocers, and snagged a tasty roast beef that I devoured while driving out of town. So my needs were met... but it sure seems like there's a shortage of delis in St. Louis.

Or else I just don't know where they are, which is quite likely...


Anonymous said...

blues city deli on mcnair south of gravois is what you are looking for

Paul said...

Macklind Avenue Deli

I've heard good things about this place.

4721 Macklind Ave Saint Louis, MO 63109

Anonymous said...

Cornerstone's at Blair & Salisbury, yum!

Anonymous said...

and so...stl rarely has a good deli on a great street. it's been my experience.