Monday, October 27, 2008

Blairmont-owned 2621 Sullivan burns... again

One of the many houses owned by Blairmont, 2621 Sullivan Avenue, burned Friday night.

I was a block away when I noticed a cloud of smoke, too much to be a barbecue as I first thought. A number of neighbors were already watching in the street when I drove past the house. Just in case, I called 911 and reported the fire; the Fire Department showed up within minutes.

What started as some drifting smoke had become fairly intense a few minutes after the SLFD arrived; I saw flames leaping through the roof at one point.

This house was occupied in February. It was bought by Blairmont later in the year. This is now the second time it's burned; the first may or may not have been under their ownership, but the damage looked very recent to me.

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