Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Still around

No, St. Louis, I haven't forgotten about you.


I had a spectacular visit to the city over Thanksgiving weekend, my second trip into town this year. The sun shone for three solid, beautiful days, and I saw many spectacular sights, old and new.


I'm currently working on some revisions and fixes to the site's existing pages, unifying the formatting, fixing broken code, and setting up a standardized navigation scheme. It's a big job and won't be finished any time soon, but stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a bunch of random photos from two weekends ago.



Erich said...

Where was the 2nd picture taken?

Robert Powers said...

That's the old Citizens Bank in East Alton. It's one of the coolest Midcentury buildings in the whole region!

Anonymous said...

We haven't forgotten about you, Robert. Thanks for all of your work. I don't know if I'd of moved back east home if not for your site. *pumping the gas pedal, trying to get her started again*

Bill C. said...

Wow what an absolutely stunning building.

Car Dealers St Louis said...

The Old Citizens building is the most striking; it looks very Wall-Street and old-money'ish to me.