Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mid-Century Madness

My pace of updates on BuiltStLouis may have slowed, but I've been working furiously behind the scenes - cleaning up, organizing, tying together related pages, updating and reformatting old pages, and adding lots of new material. There have been some updates I simply haven't bothered to post on the front page. With about 1,500 pages total on the site, all manually created and maintained, it can take time to get things done.

Today's update - with a batch of fresh Mid-Century architecture - is only a preview of a bigger update to the MidCentury tour, which I hope to have up in April.

And did I mention I reworked the pages for the late, lamented Century Building?

'Cause I did. Rescanned every image, added some additional pics from the archives, and added a shot or two of the reviled Garage Mahal.

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Sam said...

I'd like to suggest two local mid-century religious spaces for future documentation: the chapel of DeMattias Hall on the SLU campus (if you can get anyone to let you in), and St. Andrew's United Methodist Church in DeSoto, MO. DeSoto may not be known for mid-century architecture (though it does have a cool and reopened art deco movie house on Main St.), but the St. Andrew's congregation went all-out when they rebuilt after a fire in the early 50s. Unfortunately, their website is terrible.