Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Orleans in links

This is a list I've been accumulating for a while. Eventually it'll end up on my permanent pages, but it's worth sharing in the meantime. There's some incredible information and stories in here, stuff that Americans in general really need to be aware of. It's a lot -- easily an entire day's worth of reading.

Flood map of New Orleans. Why didn't I ever find this thing before?

Lengthy New Yorker article covering the first year post-hurricanes. Starts off with a graphic description of the Lower 9th's destruction.

Squandered Heritage
Astounding blog tracking the demolition of houses, including the steamroller approach the city of New Orleans is taking toward homeowners. Also has ruminations on the nature of poverty.

1603 Katrina
A preservationist working in New Orleans. Reports from the city, ruminations on architecture, urbanism, and preservation. And Memphis. And Philadelphia.

Thomas Neff, Photographer
Web site of Thomas Neff, author of "Holding Out and Hanging On", a chronicle of the people who stayed in the city during Katrina.

Bulldozers at the ready
NYTimes article about the pending demolition of several enormous New Orleans housing projects.

The Old River Control Structure portion of John McPhee's book The Control of Nature, inexplicably reprinted in The New Yorker under the title "Pioneer" and attributed to "William McKibben".

Old River is the monumental yet precarious structure that keeps the Mississippi from diverting into the Atchafalaya River. I read this book over a decade ago, while living in New Jersey, but having focused so much attention on New Orleans in the last two years, it was a much more intimate and intense read this time around. It also helped that I could have maps.live.com open in another browser tab and scroll around over the geographic features being described in text.

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