Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Daily Dose of Blairmont

In order to keep this issue in the spotlight, I'd like to share a few of the houses owned by Blairmont and its assorted sibling shell companies.

This charming quartet of cottages stands just a bit east of Grand, south of St. Louis Avenue. All four are empty. Three are owned by "MLK 3000 LLC", and the fourth by the LRA. They are, from left to right:
  • 3007 Montgomery Avenue (Blairmont, January 2007) - built 1906
  • 3005 Montgomery Avenue (Blairmont, January 2007) - built 1906
  • 3003 Montgomery Avenue (LRA)
  • 3001 Montgomery Avenue (Blairmont, October 2006) - built 1906
Situated on an odd, triangular parcel of land framed by Garrison and Coleman, they're staggered to step back from the street. They're not quite parallel; they fan out slightly from the back, keeping the houses on each end parallel to the side streets. The result is a lovely little bit of rhythm.

Their neighborhood bears the unwieldy name of JeffVanderLou. Brick rustling and abandonment have taken a heavy toll on the area's surviving stock of beautiful brick homes, and sprawling light industry has hemmed in the area to the east. But a few dozen historic homes still remain, many occupied, and some even restored to top condition. And just behind these houses, two entire blocks of faux-historical new houses have recently risen, somewhat tepid in their architecture but perfectly urban in their massing and placement.

Their decoration signals a stylistic shift in the neighborhood, with dark brown common brick on the front walls, decorated with geometric patterns in glazed white and green brick -- elements more common in the early 1900s, as opposed the 1880s/1890s stock common to the area.

Price bounce #1: 3007 sold in March 2006 for $10,500; 3005 sold for $5,000. The two properties sold again in January 2007 for $125,000. What the heck is inside these places?

Price bounce #2: 3001 sold three times: $50,000 in June '06, $60,000 in October '06... then $35,000 just a few days later. A price drop? Very odd.

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