Friday, April 18, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 45

    From the right:
  • 2507 W. Hebert Street (Noble Development Co. LLC, May 2006)
  • 2509 W. Hebert Street (Noble Development Co. LLC, May 2006)

February 2008

"Noble" "Development". It's a joke, see? Two lies for the price of one!

Both houses were occupied before Blairmont got their mitts on them -- reference the aerial view linked below. They've since been stripped of window awnings, occupants, and attic windows.

The rest of the houses shown here? Owned by people who live on the block.

This is such a lovely yet typical north side block -- a diverse array of houses, distinct yet harmonious. If Blairmont really had noble intentions, if they really cared about the city of St. Louis, they'd actually do some developing -- renovate the houses, or at least do basic maintenance and get tenants in them again.

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