Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 91

  • 2714 North Market Street (VHS Partners LLC, May 2005, $19,450)

May 2008

This fairly plain red brick house was bought from an owner-occupant in 2004, by a Portland, OR mortgage company. Blairmont purchased it shortly afterwards in 2005. The changing of the year allows the owners to be listed in the city's database, giving some credence to a suspicion I've had, that some of Blairmont's smaller-scale price bouncing is straightforward transfers from an acquiring real estate company. It explains the $1,900 increase from the first sale price of $17,550.

It does not explain a lot of other far more massive increases, however. It also raises questions of how many speculatory companies are operating in the area, how many contact Blairmont has made with them.

Oh, and of course, the 2nd floor windows are gone. And the front door's hanging open.

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Michael R. Allen said...

There are several "middle men" flippers selling to McKee. One of the most active is Rick Houseman LLC.