Monday, June 09, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 97

    Left and right:
  • 3242 N. Knapp Street (Dodier Investors LLC, October 2006, $35,000)
  • 3240 N. Knapp Street (Dodier Investors LLC, October 2006, $20,000)

May 2008

This pair of battered frame houses, covered with asphalt shingle siding, stands in the northern reaches of Old North St. Louis.

The left-hand house is a bit more than meets the eye -- there's an oddly shaped alley house behind it, likely much older than the front house. It very nearly butts up against another back-lot house, which is undergoing total renovation by an enterprising local resident.

Some strange doings in the sales history. Both properties were briefly held by a Patrick Noble before being sold to N & G Ventures. "Noble" just happens to be another of Blairmont's pseudonyms. Coincidence? There are just too many "coincidences" surrounding Paul McKee's properties for any of them to be very believable.
  • September 2005: $7,960 for multiple locations (3240, 3242), to Patrick Noble
  • June 2006: $20,000 for multiple locations (3240 only)
  • October 2006: $35,000 (3240); $20,000 (3242); both to N & G Ventures
A bookkeeping error? Mmmaybe. Maybe not.

With the sheer number of Blairmont houses, it's getting to the point where it makes sense to just cover an entire block at a time. So, here's...
  • 3248 Knapp Street (N & G Ventures LLC, March 2006, $14,700)

It was bought by the CIT Group in foreclosure in 2005, and soon sold to Blairmont at what appears to be a net loss. Blairmont also owns vacant lots on the same block at 3232, 3246, 3252, and 3260.


Stephanie said...

My husband and I are interested in buying a home in Old North, but we're concerned about eminent domain. Does it seem possible this area will be turned into commercial property? We aren't renovating and would invest in a home with a relatively high sales price. This makes it a little scary!

Robert Powers said...

Frankly, no, it doesn't seem possible that anyone could look at all the new construction and renovation going on in Old North and actually think they could get away with bulldozing any of it. The momentum's just too strong there now, and has been for several years.

Additionally, word on the street is that Paul McKee is no longer interested in Old North and is planning to sell off his properties there.

Chris said...

If Paul McKee is telling the truth, you might be able to buy his houses off of him in Old North. It would be interesting to see what he says.

Anonymous said...

The windows are now missing out of 3248. Barb says they've been gone for awhile, but I just noticed it.

McKee has said that he is not interested in developing in ONSL, but he may make the easy mistake that the block between Palm and Branch is actually in Hyde Park. In fact, the City even calls this area Hyde Park most of the time, even though it is without a doubt in ONSL.

Next time you're in town, swing by 3240 19th. The back wall is finished and the masons have begun working on the side walls. It's pretty exciting! We'll have it done in no time.

Totalrenovering said...

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