Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 117

    Left to right:
  • 2512 Hebert Street (owner-occupied)
  • 2514 Hebert Street (LRA)
  • 2516 Hebert Street (Noble Development LLC, February 2006, $50,000)
  • 2518 Hebert Street (Sheridan Place LLC, March 2007, $80,000)

March 2007

Four houses, all in a row...

May 2008 - 2518 Hebert stands alone

...and 18 months later, the center two are gone, including one of the Blairmont houses. Oh, surprise. 2516 was demolished in November 2007, possibly after being brick rustled (the demolition permit record notes that it was "rubble only".)

Watch the bouncing price: 2516 sold for $5,000 to Platinum Enterprises LLC in October 2005, then sold for $20,000 to Paul McKee's company just three months later. After paying a 400% markup, Mr. McKee might be expected to take better care of his building.

It's an old story on this block of Hebert. You might remember this house's neighbors, where the same story played out recently - an inflated sales price, brick rustling, demolition.

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