Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 144

  • 2583 Montgomery Street (MLK 3000 LLC, October 2006, $101,000)

July 2003 - photograph by Kevin Kieffer

It looked pretty cheerful five years ago. But that was long before Blairmont came to town. Now it's boarded up, empty and lifeless.

Blairmont also owns two more houses on the same block (both hit by brick rustlers), and a huge vacant lot next door.
May 2008


your pal hoop said...

Hey Rob,

I was wondering if it would be possible to do some sort of color-coded Google Maps photoshop to show exactly how much of St. Louis this Blairmont outfit holds? I don't know exactly how you'd go about doing it (other than just print-screening map pages into Photoshop) but I bet it'd be a really interesting visual.


Robert Powers said...

There's a plain visual map here, though it's a year or so out of date now.

Not sure if Barbara ever finished it, but there's a preliminary Google map here.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, Google Maps tops out at 200 properties unless you do a KML hack. I used to make this one.

A friend has offered to make another one with the same software as used for the Eco-absence map, but hasn't delivered yet.