Thursday, July 03, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 119

  • 2318 Hebert Street (Blairmont Associates LLC, March 2005, $20,000)

May 2008

Vacant now, but it was occupied 6 years ago. Now it's condemned for demolition, a state it entered after 18 months of Paul McKee's ownership.

June 2002 - photograph by Kevin Kieffer

There's something endearing about the way this building hugs the landscape, receding back into the earthen berm that defines its side of the street.

  • 2303 Hebert Street (Blairmont Associates LLC, March 2005)

Across the street is another vacant Blairmont property, a multi-family apartment building with some unusual tile decoration.

Right next door to the Blairmont building is a group of brand new houses (so new that most of them aren't in the aerial view below). Across the street is mixture of 1970s HUD houses, and more new construction. The buying pattern makes one wonder if Paul McKee has ever even set foot in these neighborhoods. Does he intend to tear down brand new houses, too?

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Chris said...

The new houses aren't that bad; but you're right, what the hell is he thinking???