Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 164

  • 2412 Coleman Street (Sheridan Place LLC, December 2006, $65,000)

February 2008

Don't dismiss it as a plain Jane box -- surviving details include the Roman arch over the large window, the flattened arch over the other 2nd story window, and pointed buttons lining both. A cornice was removed some time in the past, and a matching larger 1st story window was bricked in at some point (some of its buttons remain.) The entry porch is obviously a recent addition.

The gang graffiti is even more recent, and comes to you courtesy of Blairmont's stewardship. They were kind enough to clean all the awful spray paint from 2933 Montgomery; it's just shocking that they haven't gotten around to cleaning up this one.

May 2008

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