Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 178

  • 2500 Sullivan Avenue (MLK 3000 LLC, May 2007, $150,000)

August 2008

A pretty ragged looking four-flat for $150K! You'd think Blairmont could board up those ground floor windows... or at least hang some curtains! The senior citizens living in the huge retirement complex right across the street might appreciate that. Still, the building overall looks to be in good condition... it's just the ground floor that's taken a beating under Paul McKee's ownership.

That's the brick rustled ruins of 2510 Sullivan next door.

February 2008

Well, it was probably those people who made it look this way, right? You know, those people, wink wink, nudge nudge. We all know those people don't take care of anything. Everybody knows that those people trash their neighborhoods and destroy everything good that whit--- uh -- normal hard working folks have built up, and just sit around waiting for a handout from the gub'ment. We all know you just can't do anything about those people, yuh huh!

Since everybody knows these things, let's see how this raggedy house looked while in the hands of those people, before a hard working businessman from the suburbs purchased it.

August 2003 - photograph by Kevin Kieffer

Boy, just look at it! Those people haven't done anything except plant beautiful flowers and keep the lawn mowed and the windows intact and generally maintain the place in perfect repair. Boy howdy, it sure is a good thing the neighborhood is finally being saved from those people!

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