Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 184

    Left to right:
  • 1918 St. Louis Avenue (Larmer LLC, March 2008, $25,000)
  • 1922 St. Louis Avenue (N & G Ventures LLC, May 2006, $100,000 - multiple properties)
  • 1924 St. Louis Avenue (N & G Ventures LLC, January 2006, $70,000)

August 2003

Amazingly, I somehow haven't gotten an updated photograph of this prominent trio of St. Louis Avenue houses. They're all still standing, for now. And as of this year, they're all Paul McKee properties. The best I've got is this sidelong view:

May 2008

But you don't need to be told the story by this point, right?

March 2003 - the half-gabled rear wings are a very common design element of St. Louis houses.

May 2008 - the half-boarded up windows are a very common element of Paul McKee houses.

August 2003 - 1918 is clearly occupied in this photograph by Kevin Kieffer.

August 2003 - 1924 is undergoing exterior facade repairs. Photograph by Kevin Kieffer.


Anonymous said...

Looks like 1924 got a slap job -- bad mortar, cheap windows.

McKee is rescuing many of these buildings from even worse slumlords.

Anonymous said...

sorry, anonymous, you obviously don't know anything about these properties. The owner of 1922 and 24 was doing a rehab job and occupying one of them, but ran out of money. They were never really rental housing in my 10 + years of seeing them every day, nor where they problem properties in any way.

As par his activities, McKee was there to pick up the pieces when someone else's dream died. Such is the world...