Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 188

  • 1935-1937 (aka 1937-1939) Montgomery Street (N & G Ventures LLC, November 2005, $65,000)

November 2005

Sporadically occupied into the early 2000s (probably illegally so), this house was the last one on the 1900 block of Montgomery to be inhabited. Blairmont bought it from a private owner, for exactly the price that had been posted on a hand-lettered sign in 2005.

May 2007

December 2007

May 2008

After the brick rustlers had finished their grisly work, I paid what I knew would be my final visit to this house on a beautiful morning in November of 2007. With the day's waking sunlight on my back, I stood beneath what remained of the old house's solid brick walls. I stared up longingly at that beautiful brick cornice, thrown into a sharp relief of brilliant reds and deep shadow. I photographed it from every angle, taking shot after shot, because I knew it would soon be gone. One hundred and sixteen years after St. Louis's gifted masons laid these intricate patterns, they were about to die.

November 2007

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