Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 194

  • 2501 Sullivan Avenue (Dodier Investors LLC, November 2006)

October 2008

This industrial building represents a remarkable opportunity in a residential neighborhood -- the chance to create jobs right in the community. Imagine working and living all in the same neighborhood! A hardy factory building like this is prime material for a specialty manufacturing concern; it could also function as an incubator for new businesses. With loading docks for trucks, it's equipped to handle all sorts of heavy duty materials. Restore the windows and landscape the parking lot, and it could even be a thing of beauty in its own right.

Next door, Blairmont owns another fine opportunity at 2527 Sullivan. A one-story industrial building was recently razed (the saw-tooth-roofed building that remains is not a Blairmont property.) The resulting empty land could hold virtually anything -- houses, apartments, or a multi-story commercial, industrial, or mixed-use building. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

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samizdat said...

The "saw-tooth roof" of which you speak is actually a natural lighting system: ie, skylights. Back when electricity wasn't readily avalailable, and probably still somewhat expensive due to the novelty, business owners almost certainly opted to incorporate these "free" sources of light, rather than the new, and probably somewhat unreliable, electrical sources. I look all around the City and I see windows bricked, cmu'd, and painted over. Drives me nuts to see all of that free and healthy (see studies on natural light in the workplace) light go unused. BTW, the vertical plane on those skylights is the portion which contains the windows. I understand the security issues which need to be addressed as well, but geez, such waste. Oh, well. This is American wastefullness at it's most starkly obvious worst...not using the light AND not using perfectly viable buildings.