Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 200

    Left to right:
  • 2530 Warren Street (Union Martin LLC, September 2008) (white house at center)
  • 2534 Warren Street (N & G Ventures LLC, May 2006, $50,000)
  • 2544 Warren Street (VHS Partners LLC, November 2005, $30,000)

March 2007

Blairmont has a choice here. They could renovate these little HUD houses. This would be ecologically smart, saving the money, material, and energy already vested in the structures.

On the flip side, these are cheaply built dwellings, and now that they're empty, few would lament their passing -- especially if they were replaced by a large-scale urban development.

(Of course, it might have been simpler to simply not empty the houses out in the first place, right?)

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HikingMike said...

McKee just said on STL Public Radio yesterday (2014-03-20) that he has not evicted a single person from properties he's bought. And he hasn't bought any properties that were occupied. So what happened here?

"Word has spread of strong-arm tactics, of tenants forced to vacate before the sale."

"Blairmont companies typically sell their properties back and forth to one another at inflated prices"

"Much physical evidence exists to suggest that Blairmont's properties are being actively pushed into deterioration, ruin, and ultimately demolition"

Is there some evidence of this stuff? I would love to see some well researched articles on this in the media but I haven't seen anything. Did you hear the recent St. Louis On The Air show? -