Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 196

  • 2721 Greer Avenue (VHS Partners LLC, November 2005, $20,000)

October 2008

2700 Greer Avenue is a charmingly tiny one-way street. Its charm has been diminished by years of neglect and deterioration. But that charm is surely why Paul McKee has begun buying properties there. Once he restores this house, the block will look a lot better; if he can get infill housing built there, the block could regain its original beauty and perhaps be even better than before.

Mr. McKee must surely regret the lost of 2733 Greer, a small cottage which stood next door to the one shown here. It doesn't take much looking to recognize the charming power of these little houses, or see the great opportunity their small size represents. Such a small building could make home ownership affordable even to low-income residents. What noble-intentioned entrepreneur wouldn't jump at the chance to help out?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've heard this, but someone recently spray painted the street numbers on the street in front of each of McKee's houses and lots, at least in ONSL. Portentious? Word is that one of the spraypainters was asked what was up and he replied that something was going to be happening with the houses soon.

Michael R. Allen said...

What will be happening is the long-awaited board-up of those houses.

Anonymous said...

Great news!