Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 198

  • 2338 St. Louis Avenue (Union Martin LLC, June 2008, $80,000)

October 2008

Just across the street from yesterday's house, this 2-flat building offers similar opportunities. It offers smaller and therefore more affordable units, allowing more economic diversity to exist in the area. Yet even this more affordable alternative retains handsome dignity, as shown by the fine brick porch with its carved capitals.

Standing amid a solid block of apartments buildings, single family homes, and multi-unit houses, this building represents a fine opportunity for Paul McKee to lend a true helping hand to the St. Louis Place neighborhood. I look forward to the inevitable rehab and renovation, which should restore the luster of this handsome house to its original shine.


Unknown said...

Both of the buildings from today and yesterday's posts appear to be in excellent structural condition. A little work and they'll be ready ro sell or lease. In this particular area, McKee has no excuse to let these buildings die.

maurice bishop said...

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