Monday, April 07, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 34

  • 2507 University Street (MLK 3000 LLC, October 2006)

November 2007

Blairmont will get its foot in the door any way it can. Most of its holdings are either vacant lots or historic brick buildings, but this time they've got a circa-1960s frame cottage, the second house from the right.

These little buildings came with modern amenities, and their simple construction makes them a lot cheaper to maintain and renovate than the typical 1880s brick home. A lot of them persist in the area, clashing with the historic housing on the superficial level of style, but frequently owner-occupied, and therefore valuable contributors to the neighborhood.

This one, however, is now vacant and boarded up -- the old familiar Blairmont story, now in a new Modernist style.

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