Monday, May 12, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 69

  • 1439 Warren Street, built 1917 (Dodier Investors LLC, October 2006)

November 2007

Blairmont has the building on the left, formerly an auto body repair shop for the now-closed Al's Auto Sales around the corner on Florissant. They also own two vacant lots to the left of the buildings.

The building on the right, from 1900, is privately owned. But then, it's also got windows, so you already knew that, right?

And let's do the ol' window comparison check. Here's the building five years back. Windows in place? Check!

May 2003 - photograph by Kevin Keiffer

And here it is four and a half years later, after one year of Blairmont's careful stewardship. Windows missing? Check!

November 2007

Look at that! They didn't even take out the security grilles, which would at least be worth something for scrap value. Just the windows! The intent of demolition by neglect could not be more clear if it was spray painted on the wall.

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Matt M. said...

I referenced your blog again in my latest call, this time to the police department re: the arson activity. Check it out on my blog.