Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 84

    Left to right:
  • 1715-1717 Leffingwell Street (Sheridan Place LLC, December 2006, $140,000)
  • 1719 Leffingwell Street (MLK 3000 LLC, October 2006, $65,000)

May 2008

This block's got three Blairmont units in a row. The remainder includes a JVL Renaissance building, an absentee landlord, and an owner-occupant.

1715 is not your run-of-the-mill St. Louis house. Built in 1903, it's a four-family building marked by light brown brick and white terra cotta ornament.

Amazingly, it has none of the usual hallmarks of Blairmont abuse; the windows are intact and present, and there's been no fires or brick theft. Still, the grass looks like it hasn't been mowed in months, and since the place is presumably vacant, shouldn't it be boarded up?

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Anonymous said...

Are you back in St Louis?? Documenting the city??
If so, yeah!
Email me privately to let me know...