Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 82

    Left to right:
  • 2823 University Street (privately owned)
  • 2821 University Street (Union Martin LLC, May 2008, $62,500?)
  • 2819 University Street (N & G Ventures)
  • 2815 University Street (privately owned)

May 2008
Blairmont already had the little frame house. Now they've got the dull red brick house next door.

When I first documented this block, this building was still listed as owner-occupied. Now it's been snapped up by "Union Martin", widely suspected to be the latest incarnation of Blairmont (the evidence includes: Incorporated only days after the last of the shell companies' purchases. The same kind of nondescript name. The same pattern of buying up JVL and St. Louis Place properties.)

Paul McKee is not resting, not stopping, not altering his assault on this neighborhood in any way. The threat is real and ongoing.

Oh, but remember! Nobody lives here! Wiping out this empty, uninhabited place (where flowers magically plant themselves) is doing a great public service!

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