Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 79

  • 2500 Montgomery Street (MLK 3000 LLC, October 2006, $125,000)
  • 2524 Montgomery Street (Noble Development Co. LLC, May 2006, $20,000)

Blairmont owns the ancient warehouse on the left, at 2500 Montgomery. It doesn't look like much, but behind it lurks a most remarkable block.

May 2008 - Blairmont owns 2500 Montgomery, at left.

May 2008 - privately owned houses.

May 2008 - privately owned houses.

The houses on the rest of the block went up as a group in 1905. Their peaked rooflines make a charming streetscape, unlike any other in the city. Today, they're all occupied, mostly by owner-occupants.... all except for one.

Yep! Surprise surprise, the one vacant house, at 2524 Montgomery, is owned by Blairmont.

May 2008 - Blairmont's sole house on the block.

Does Paul McKee intend to force out all the other owners and destroy this lovely block? It seems unfathomable, but he's done it before.

Price bounce: 2524 sold for $4,000 in January 2006... then again for $20,000 four months later. Did the other surrounding properties see a corresponding rise in value? Or is Blairmont's slumlord ownership dragging the value of everything around them down?

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