Friday, May 16, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 73

    Left and right:
  • 3508 Cozens Avenue (JVL Renaissance)
  • 3510 Cozens Avenue (Dodier Investors LLC, 200 )

May 2008

Here's an absolutely beautiful pair of buildings in the southern reaches of JeffVanderLou. Blairmont owns the one on the right (vacant, deteriorating, unsecured), while the left one is owned and operated by omnipresent rental company JVL Renaissance (maintained, occupied, freshly painted.)

These two stand amid the urban prairie common in JeffVanderLou's southern reaches; they are very nearly the last buildings on their entire block. The Blairmont building has already lost a cornice bracket and a terra cotta medallion. What a shame it would be for this lovely house to come down.

Like yesterday's building, 3510 Cozens seems to have bounced between owners with a sharp jump in price, from $17K to $28.5K only a month later.

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Chris said...

These houses are very interesting to me, having lived in Baltimore for a year. There are hundreds of rows of houses that look just like these in that city, so it makes me wonder if there is a connection.