Monday, May 05, 2008

Multiple fires in JeffVanderLou north

A series of suspicious fires has struck the northern JeffVanderLou neighborhood, four on late Thursday night and five more late Saturday night. The timing and intensity of the fires makes arson a near-certainty.

Blairmont owns considerable property in the area, bounded by St. Louis Avenue (south), Jefferson (east), Glasgow (west) and Hebert (north).
    Locations mentioned by the reports or visible in news footage include:
  • 2206 and 2210 Hebert, a pair of Blairmont properties in northern St. Louis Place
  • 2633 Palm, a dilapidated, privately owned alley house north of Glasgow
  • 2507 Hebert, a Blairmont property, shown destroyed in KMOV's video. 2546-2548 Hebert stands across the street.
  • 2566 W. Dodier Street, a frame house owned by Blairmont.
  • 2547 W. Dodier Street, a brick house owned by "Larmer LC", a likely Blairmont company.
  • 2519 W. Sullivan Street, privately owned. It is immediately next door to 2517 W. Sullivan, a Blairmont property destroyed by brick rustlers.
  • 3015 Elliot, a Blairmont property.
  • E. Dodier Street, address unknown.
  • Jefferson and Sullivan, address unknown. 2559 and 2561 W. Sullivan are both Blairmont properties.
The remaining 2 unknown addresses will come to light shortly.

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Anonymous said...

The latest fire at 2206 Hebert was 2 blocks from my place in ONSL.