Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 101

  • 3261 Knapp Street (Dodier Investors LLC, December 2006, $29,000)

May 2008

It's a beat-up little alley house at the northern end of Old North, on the corner of Branch Street. The aerial view reveals a couple of facts not apparent from the ground, such as a third-floor roof collapse, and a completely fenced-in yard which indicates that the front house has been gone for many years.

It was condemned for demolition in 2004, but that may have been when the attached house next door came down.

It's not secured; it's not weathertight. It's Blairmont. No surprises there.

Price bounce: Sold in September 2006 for $1,500. Sold again in December 2006 for $29,000. Man, I wish I could sell stuff for a 2,000% markup.

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Chris said...

You can! It's called crack!