Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 103

Three houses, three streets, but all on a single city block.
  • 1500 Branch Street (Blairmont Associates Ltd. LLC, August 2003)

May 2008

Among the very first of Paul McKee's purchases, this long block of rowhouses has become quasi-famous in local urban photography circles for the graffiti sprayed on the back. It's been vacant since 1996.

Stay out crack heads

The wooden back porches are falling down, but otherwise the building doesn't appear irretrievable. Of course, boarding up the top floor would've helped a lot, but "helping" doesn't really fit with Blairmont's mission of demolition by neglect.

  • 3211 Blair Street (Blairmont Associates Ltd. LLC, August 2003)

March 2003

Blairmont also purchased this small frame house around the corner at the same time. It had been vacant for 2 years, and has remained so under Paul McKee's stewardship.

May 2008

  • 1501 Palm Street (Blairmont Associates Ltd. LLC, March 2006)

May 2003 - Photograph by Kevin Keiffer

And finally, at the other end of the block, there's this little hard luck case. A tiny Second Empire house, two stories disguised as one, this building was nearly demolished by its previous owner, till the city stepped in to stop it. Blairmont didn't put the hole there, but haven't done anything to fix it, either.

November 2006

November 2007

May 2008

September 2006

Ecology of Absence has further information and photos of 1501 Palm Street.

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