Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 110

  • 3101 Lismore Street (Noble Development Co. LLC, September 2006)

May 2008

Vacant since 1999, this house stands on a short stretch of street in JeffVanderLou. Its only surviving neighbor is the spectacular St. Augustine Catholic Church, currently in a state of minimal use by a small local church.

July 2003, photograph by Kevin Keiffer

Until recently, the house stood back-to-side with two neighbors, also owned by Blairmont:
  • 2559 W. Sullivan Street (Blairmont Associates LLC, May 2005, $12,000)
  • 2561 W. Street (Blairmont Associates LLC, May 2005)

2559 W. Sullivan, September 2003, photograph by Kevin Keiffer

2561 W. Sullivan, September 2003, photograph by Kevin Keiffer

Both were demolished in 2007.

The LRA owns the vacant lots to the west, which always seem to have activity going on -- guys sitting around, smoking, chatting, or barbecuing. I believe a small industrial business of some sort is located across the street. It's always been kind of an awkward spot to pull out a camera and start snapping.

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