Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 10

This trio of houses stands on Sheridan Avenue, south of Cass in the southern reaches of the JeffVanderLou area. Can you guess which one doesn't belong to Blairmont?

    Left to right:
  • 2910 Sheridan Avenue
  • 2916 Sheridan Avenue (N & G Ventures, LC, August 2005)
  • 2918 Sheridan Avenue (N & G Ventures, LC, April 2006)

The intact, maintained, occupied house, the one without any raggedy brickwork or broken windows, is owned by another local real estate company, called JVL Renaissance 1 LP. Like Blairmont, they own a lot of property in this area. Unlike Blairmont, they don't try to hide it under multiple shell company names. Also unlike Blairmont, most of their properties, from the outside at least, are in good condition, and have people living in them.

Oh, sure, they own a couple of board-ups, too. It's probably inevitable in this area. But considering they don't seem to be actively kicking out tenants, or letting brick rustlers destroy their buildings, or hiding who they are, or buying up every property they can lay hands on, or letting innumerable historic buildings turn into ruins.... I'm willing to cut 'em a little slack.

  • 2916 Sheridan at the City Assessor's database
  • Aerial view from Maps.Live.com
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    Chris said...


    Unfortunately, I am running out of pictures of houses that have been destroyed by Blairmont. If you'd like, I can snap some photos this weekend of some properties that need to photographed.