Friday, March 28, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 25

  • 1449-1451 Clinton Street (Noble Development Co LLC, May 2006)

September 2006

Blairmont owns the right-hand double house. And again, I must ask --


This is getting near the core of Old North St. Louis. Those houses in the background are historic buildings that just got re-built from the ground up. New development is going up around the corner, new houses of urban form. Still more buildings are currently being rehabbed, both by developers and homeowners.

Does Paul McKee think he's going to just bulldoze all that? He can't possibly be that out of tune with reality, so what's he sitting on this once-inhabited building for? Why did he buy it? What possible purpose could it serve?

May 2003 - Photograph by Kevin Keiffer

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