Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 14

  • 2202 Hebert Street (vacant lot - Blairmont Associates LLC, March 2005)
  • 2204 Hebert Street (alley house - MLK 3000, LLC - October 2006)
  • 2206-2208 Hebert Street (front houses - N & G Ventures, LLC - June 2006)

March 2007

What a strange amalgam! The back-of-the-lot house is 2204; the taller house in front is 2006; and the shorter house up front is... 2206-1/2 and 2208. Very odd. Stranger still, the back house is not listed at all in the city's records, with the lot noted as vacant. It's a database error unless it's been demolished since November, which, hey, I guess is a likely possibility.

Blairmont's ownership of the structures is equally convoluted, with three different shell companies hiding the fact that it all belongs to one entity.

The alley house is unusual in itself, as most have been demolished; it's rarer still in that it doesn't directly abut the alley -- instead it has its own little back yard.

The street houses show the evolution of the area's architectural tastes. It would appear the whole unit went up at once, three conjoined townhouses. But the owner of one got a taste for more space and stylish mansard roofs, and built out the attic story into a full third floor.

All look to have been occupied right up until Blairmont purchased them. And that vacant lot? In 2003, it still had a house on it.

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