Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 11

  • 1512 Montgomery Avenue
If I were this house, I'd be very, very nervous.

Left: March 2003; right: March 2007

It wouldn't simply be the fact that I'd developed a noticeable tilt. Nor would it be the encroaching suburban-style development along W. Florissant Avenue to my east, including the Church's Fried Chicken parking lot directly abutting my property line (the presence of which just might have something to do with why that tilt developed in the first place.)

No, if I were this house, what would really have me fearing for my life was the fact that in August, 2005, I was purchased by Blairmont Associates Ltd. Co, boarded up and left uninhabited. For houses my age, in my neighborhood, that's a proven kiss of death.

Update, August 20, 2008: As reported by Ecology of Absence, the house's east gable collapsed into the adjacent parking lot during a recent storm. Thankfully, nobody was killed.


Anonymous said...

The building at 1512 Montgomery collapsed on July 16th, destroying a car in the Church's lot

Robert Powers said...

But nobody was killed? That's a miracle.

Hope the car's owner knows how to find the building's owner.