Thursday, March 06, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 5

  • 2509 W. Sullivan Avenue (Blairmont Associates Ltd., October 2003)

August 2003

Blairmont owns the house on the left. This little cottage was part of a charming block of similar houses. A few have been lost at this end, but most are still standing. Blairmont owns one more at the west end of the block.

2509 was purchased by Blairmont Associates Ltd. in 2003. Since then, it's been brick rustled, reducing it to rubble. Bad enough on its own, but look what's happening right next door!

September 2006

November 2007

The privately-owned cottage next door is getting some rehab work -- a board-up has come off the basement window, it looks like a new porch is getting started, and that might even be new brick tuckpointing on the side wall. What kind of neighbor lets a house fall to rubble when private citizens are working hard to improve their own properties?

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