Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Dose of Blairmont 17

    Left to right:
  • 3224 Magazine Street (Dodier Investors LLC, July 2007)
  • 3226 Magazine Street (VHS Partners, October 2003)
  • 3228 Magazine Street (privately owned)

Blairmont's been sitting on the center unit for over four years now. Even if the private owners wanted to sell or renovate, what's the incentive when an enigmatic corporation owns the rest of your building, and is letting it fall to ruin?

February 2008

But look at the building! What a city to have lived in, where such a density of housing was worth building, and with such fine masonry detailing. What a place it must have been in its prime, what a neighborhood!

People still pay a premium to live in such neighborhoods -- in New York, in Boston, in San Francisco. St. Louis would do well to watch their examples.

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